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5 Reasons to Start Swimming Before Walking

Even though your baby can’t walk yet, he or she can certainly start learning swim skills! At Waterworks Aquatics, our trained instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to teach kids ages 3 months and older swim skills that will stay with them for life, using a specialized curriculum. Waterworks Aquatics uses a unique Muscle Memory technique and a Leveling System which allows for quick progression. You’ll find some additional benefits to jumping into lessons now, like these 5 Reasons to Start your Baby Swimming Before Age 1.

1. Its Natural

You may be surprised at how naturally babies take to water (after all, they were quite the little swimmers before you met them) — so it is only fitting that you immerse them in water to keep them used to it. The sooner you introduce your baby to the water, the easier it is for them to enjoy and celebrate the environment. Once they get a little bit older, toddlers may enter phases where fear (of many things) is more prevalent. So, by having swimming as a natural environment early on, they will not have any new feelings to become adjusted to when they start learning to swim.

2. Bathtub fun

Maybe you have heard about the parents who struggle with bath time, or maybe you hate when your little one becomes agitated with water being poured over his or her head. Want an easy fix? Sign up your baby for swimming lessons! At Waterworks Aquatics Swim School, lessons teach babies that being in the water is fun. In addition, we have learned a few tricks of the trade. For instance, blowing on your baby's face can help clear the water from their eyes after submersion. This all translates to having a great experience in all water, including in the tub.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

This probably goes without saying, but Practice does in fact make for Perfect performance. We are not necessarily recruiting the next Michael Phelps, however getting your baby into a routine contributes to a level of comfort. When your baby begins to expect a Swim Lesson and looking forward to attending a swim lesson, results begin to accelerate. Swimming is a beautiful sport that you can do throughout your lifetime, and Waterworks Aquatics has setup a Leveling System which provides for easy transitions from one skill to the next.

4. Enjoy the Beach

Just because your little one isn’t walking doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the water when you’re at the beach. Sure, you’ll have to make sure your baby is properly protected from the sun, but it’s definitely more fun to be splashing in the water than trying to stop all those tiny pieces of sand from continually making its way into your baby’s mouth. Because you have had your little tiger shark in swimming lessons and you have seen some extraordinary results, you won’t have to worry that he or she doesn’t know what to do in the water and you can enjoy the splashing and feel of the refreshing water.

5. Playing in the Pool

It can be a funny sensation for a baby to have their legs dangling in the pool with nothing to stand on, or just being wet in a pool — if they haven’t been introduced to it previously. When your baby is in swim lessons and looks forward to playing in the water, you get to enjoy the water, too! No more sitting on the sidelines looking longingly to the pool: You can bring your baby in there. And babies who aren’t even 6 months yet can learn how to go under water. Pretty fascinating, isn’t it?



Written by: Alex Meshot