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Waterworks Aquatics Grand Opening

The date is fast approaching! Waterworks Aquatics is pleased to be opening our first swim school outside of California. And we chose the wonderful state of Colorado! We plan to have a grand opening event in early March with fun activities and crafts for the kids! The new Waterworks Aquatics swim school will be located at 8980 Barrons Blvd. It will have all the amenities any young swimmer could ask of a swim school – large showers, family changing rooms, a suit-drier, a swim shop, a snack bar, parties, and even a treasure chest with toys for our hard-working students!

As you can see, the final finishing touches are being put on the two massive pools. Crews of construction workers have been hard at work plastering tile on the large teaching pool. This is where many of our beginner students will be learning how to swim – the pool itself will be heated from 92° to 93°F. We will also have several of our students’ favorite Disney and Pixar characters hanging from the ceiling!






















Everything around the facility is brand new and wrapped in plastic – the grand opening will be like tearing the wrapping off a Christmas present! The main face of the building includes a large wall of blue-stained glass and our lovable mascot Turbo; who *wink wink* may or may not be present at the opening!


















The facility will be surrounded by a beautiful view of the mountains and green pastures for miles. Here’s the view from the second floor of the facility:

















To boot, the little tots will be looking at ponies on their way to Waterworks! These are just some of the beautiful horses right across the street:

















There are also several restaurants and grocery stores nearby such as Vitamin Cottage, Garbanzo, Modmarket, The Corner Bakery Cafe and Festive Cup Coffee. We look forward to seeing all of you at our grand opening event in early March! Thank you to all of those already prepping and taking classes at the Residence Inn. We look forward to our wonderfully heated pools! Stay warm!

(Written by: Alan Guzman)