Swim Library

Pre-Competitive Swim

Why does Waterworks Aquatics focus so much attention on Pre-Competitive Swim?
"Learning it the right way, right from the beginning."

At Waterworks Aquatics we pride ourselves on teaching the necessary skills needed to become a comfortable, proficient swimmer right from the beginning. A good swimmer is one that can move through the water in an efficient and almost effortless manner. Our Swim School takes each student from one step to the next without skipping crucial skills or giving children a false sense of security in the water. To achieve the strength, endurance, and flawless technique of a true athlete, one must begin with a solid, foundational program that emphasizes buoyancy, breath control, and proper stroke development, coupled with basic water safety skills.

These skills include each of the five swim strokes: back stroke, breast stroke, freestyle, butterfly, and doggie-paddle. Swimmers in our unique Level System will learn the basics of each swim stroke, along with proper dives, turns, pace, and techniques. Our new 12 Level progression system and our small class sizes allows for accelerated learning. We guarantee your child will learn advanced swim techniques at a younger age and at a quicker rate than any other swim school has to offer.

Swim Competitions are open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays, and children will have the opportunity to compete against other swimmers and against old times. Students will swim the Individual Medley, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, and Freestyle. Ribbons will be awarded to ALL participants. Time improvement ribbons will also be awarded to participants that have swum in a past meet and have achieved their personal best time. In addition, trophies will be awarded to swimmers that have received 15, 30, 50, 75,125, 200, and 300 ribbons (includes participant, placement and time improvement ribbons).  Refreshments and food will be available for purchase at our snack shop. Hotdogs, Cheeseburgers, Dippin Dots, snow cones and a variety of other snacks will be served. Be sure to check the location nearest to you for availability.