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5 Benefits of Waterworks Aquatics

We know there are some great places where your children can learn how to swim. So why Waterworks Aquatics? Easy: There are several benefits of Waterworks Aquatics. Waterworks Aquatics is the most progressive learning organization with a highly qualified team who creates customized experiences. We create a triangle of communication between every parent, child, and instructor to verify each customer is uniquely assessed to develop a level of comfort which ensures and encourages your children to have fun in the water while improving their water skills. Our instructors are trained both in the water and in the office in order to efficiently evolve the strength, endurance, and flawless technique needed to advance to the next level. By utilizing a specialized muscle memory technique, we are able to teach stroke technique and advancement at a very quick rate. Here are a few bonuses we have to offer:

1. Heated Indoor Pools

Not only are these indoor heated pools extremely comfortable to swim in, but they all us to instruct swim lessons all year. Water safety is a year-round importance to us at Waterworks Aquatics. Therefore, our heated indoor pools allows us teach swim lessons all year, and ensures your children will be safe around the water. This means even if it is raining or snowing outside (especially at our Highlands Ranch/Denver Swim School) everyone can still enjoy a warm and relaxing aquatic center! No more shivering, no more purple lips!










2. Family Swim Nights

Waterworks Aquatics puts a strong importance on progressive swim instructions and water safety, however we also have a ton of fun! We host Family Swim Nights on the weekends. Our Family Swim Nights are open to any and all families, whether you are currently taking swim lessons, or it is your first trip to Waterworks Aquatics. Participants are more than welcome to enjoy our inflatable pool toys, fun music on our deck sound system, deck supervisors and lifeguards to ensure safety, and snacks and beverages...including Dippin' Dots!! Each Family Swim Night is specialized to the season, with different games and decorations. These Family Swim Nights are a great opportunity for new families and friends to experience Waterworks Aquatics at a low cost.





















3. Swim Level System

Waterworks Aquatics Swim School is always on the cutting edge of pre-competitive swim lessons. Each swim instructor is provided with hours of training both in the water and in the office. Our new Swim Level System provides a fun, gradual swim progression. Instead of 8 swim levels, there are now 12 swim levels as well as some fun characters to motivate your swimming progress. This system will be implemented in each of our locations. We have seven locations in California: Beverly Hills, Carlsbad, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Pasadena, Sierra Madre, and San Jose. In February we are set to open our eighth location in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Our Highlands Ranch location will be one of the only swim schools that are completely enclosed, allowing for year-round swim lessons despite the weather. Our swim school has the fast student progression, and this level system expedites the process. In addition, we offer swimming clinics such as Dives & Turns Clinic and Stroke Clinic to improve conditioning, technique, speed, and stroke refinement. Students will then jump from level to level, and demonstrate their new abilities at Swim Competitions. Each Swim Competition is your chance to win medals and trophies.

















4. Easy Scheduling System

Often times we find miss communications between swim schools and parents about scheduling. We get it. Especially when dealing with young children, it is important to be flexible and on your toes - ready for any situation and circumstance. Waterworks Aquatics Swim School offers the most flexible, easiest scheduling system! We offer an easy rescheduling, accommodating cancellation, and expedient check-in system. Waterworks Aquatics is now mobile friendly for all smart phone users. We have optimized the user interface to enhance the experience for all of our clients visiting our website and increased functionality.

5. Community Outreach

Waterworks Aquatics is proud to have been actively helping our communities over the past years through fundraisers, charities, and events! We have been actively involved with PTAs at different elementary schools in the Carlsbad, Pasadena, Irvine, San Jose, and Denver communities by volunteering or donating for walk-a-thons, book fairs, water safety presentations, and more! Additionally, we have been privigledge to be apart of several different fundraising campaigns including partnerships with Make-a-Wish Foundation, Autism Society, National Drowning Prevention Association, and coworkers and customers in need! We pride ourselves on donating 100% of all funds raised to the cause in which we are supporting. Our Outreach Team Is currently planning upcoming fundraisers to be held in the Spring and Summer.