Swim Library

New Level System

Waterworks Aquatics Swim School is always on the cutting edge of pre-competitive swim lessons. Each swim instructor is provided with hours of training both in the water and in the office. Our new Swim Level System provides a fun, gradual swim progression. Instead of 8 swim levels, there are now 12 swim levels as well as some fun characters to motivate your swimming progress. This system will be implemented in each of our locations. We have seven locations in California: Beverly Hills, Carlsbad, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Pasadena, Sierra Madre, and San Jose. In February we are set to open our eighth location in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Our Highlands Ranch location will be one of the only swim schools that are completely enclosed, allowing for year-round swim lessons despite the weather. Our swim school has the fast student progression, and this level system expedites the process. In addition, we offer swimming clinics such as Dives & Turns Clinic and Stroke Clinic to improve conditioning, technique, speed, and stroke refinement. Students will then jump from level to level, and demonstrate their new abilities at Swim Competitions. Each Swim Competition is your chance to win medals and trophies.


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