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Triangle of Communication

Our mission at Waterworks Aquatics Swim School is to educate and motivate people of all ages to be safer and learn proper swimming technique. Water Safety is a year-round importance to us and ensure there is a high level of comfort with each and every client and interaction we experience. In order to achieve this level of comfort, we have developed an interpersonal system or a "triangle of communication."

With a supportive atmosphere and child-centered approach, our goal as a swim center is to encourage children to have fun in the water while improving their water skills. Our proven teaching methods and caring instructors will allow children to learn and grow within our program. By utilizing a specialized muscle memory technique, we are able to teach stroke technique at a very quick rate.

Our core values include Passion, Approachability, Adaptability, and Self Responsibility. We are able to achieve these values through a unique "triangle of communication." The service we provide you and your child extends beyond swim lessons. Lasting relationships are built through a "triangle of communication" between every parent, child, and instructor. We carefully match our students to an instructor who can best understand their capabilities and help them reach their full potential. We believe each student will achieve the most from their lessons if they are able to achieve that level of comfortability between the parents and instructor. Each lesson is structured yet flexible to meet the needs of each individual, which allows our students to steadily progress and thrive in a safe, comfortable environment.


Waterworks Aquatics triangle of communicationWaterworks Aquatics triangle of communicationWaterworks Aquatics triangle of communication