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Extreme Lunches

Believe it or not Winter Break is over. This means the kids are going back to school, and you have to get back into that morning routine. Luckily Waterworks Aquatics Swim School has found some of the most extreme lunches to help inspire you throughout this next year.

Making your kids a school lunch is more functional than fun. You have your standard PB and J or ham and turkey sandwich and, if you are feeling really fancy, you might scribble "Good luck on your test" on a napkin and fold it neatly with a smug grin on your face as you congratulate yourself for being an awesome mom. Enter these parents and their amazing and elaborate lunches. Warning: They may make you feel an itty-bitty bit like a bad mom — but don't let them — instead let them inspire you. Not as in inspire you to actually make them (who has time for that?) but inspire you to hang these pictures on your fridge as art.

Who would have thought a pear, a Fruit Roll-Up and a couple of pepperoni slices could create an adorable ninja turtle? This adorable ninja turtle lunch would pretty much make little Tommy the coolest kid at the lunch table. On the bright side, he probably has no problem scarfing down leftover soup in a thermos, while it may be hard to chow down on this cute ninja's head.

Ninja Turtle bento box - kids lunch

Can we discuss the details on this Toy Story school lunch? First of all, Woody's hat has stitching. Can you imagine the time and patience it would take to cut out each little piece? I barely have time to chug a cup of coffee in the morning, much less apply stitching details to my child's lunch and shade, yes shade, Woody's face to give him that rosy-cheeked glow. Serious props to this lunch artist.

Toy Story lunch for kids

Is your kid a Mario fan? If so, he may go crazy over this lunch. I love how they used a clementine orange for his nose and an apple slice for his hat. If it weren't for the eyes (and the mustache... and hair), I might be able to pull this off.

Mario inspired school lunch for kids

Perhaps your little one is a fan of the movie Brave? It looks like crinkled sweet potato fries are used to make the perfect orange curls of Princess Merida's hair.

Brave inspired school lunch for kids - Bento Box

It seems like every kid is obsessed with the movie Frozen, and this Olaf the snowman inspired lunch is totes adorbs.

Frozen Olaf inspired school lunch for kids - Bento Box

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBob SquarePants, of course. My favorite part of this lunch is Patrick's little lettuce shorts. Or SpongeBob's marshmallow teeth. Who am I kidding? The entire lunch is genius.

Spongebox Squarepants school lunch for kids

When most people look at a green apple, they think of apple pie, however, when this lunch genius looked at one, she thought Kermit the Frog. And using red noodles as Animal? Well played.

The Muppets inspired school lunch for kids

Any Phineas and Ferb fans out there? I thought so. This lunch could be doable, if you happen to have a few marshmallows and a blue Fruit Roll-Up lying around.

Phineaus and Ferb inspired school lunch for kids

I'm not even going to pretend this awesome Monsters, Inc., lunch is doable — unless you happen to have some blue fondant, a precision knife and a master's degree in art design.

Monsters Inc lunchbox

From the noodle curls to the sandwich snout and the pea pearl necklace, this Miss Piggy lunch could be the most adorable thing ever created.

Miss Piggy lunch for kids

Is your child a fan of The Walking Dead? Well, if he is, you have a lot more to worry about than creating an amazing school lunch. Kidding, of course, but this zombie-inspired lunch will earn you some serious cool points with the kids.

Zombie lunch

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