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Holiday Traditions

Everyone has their own holiday traditions, however this has to be one of the most extreme. A group of Russian divers has braved freezing conditions to celebrate the coming New Year underwater. Divers from far eastern city of Vladivostok placed a decorated New Year tree on the bottom of the nearly-frozen Shchitovaya Bay in the Ussuriysky Gulf.

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Despite the water temperature being zero degrees Celsius (32 Fahrenheit) and the surface of the bay covered with ice, the divers decided to celebrate with an underwater ceremony.

Dressed in festive Santa Claus hats, the group is seen struggling to carry a decorated Christmas tree into the water, which is frozen over in parts. They then submerge themselves in the Shchitovaya Bay to celebrate the forthcoming New Year underwater.

Drinking champagne from the bottle and performing a traditional Russian round dance around the New Year tree underwater, the dive was the fifth time the Vladivostok divers decided to conduct the celebration.

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