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Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Swimmers

If you haven’t noticed already, swimmers are a different breed of humans. Waterworks Aquatics Swim School has indoor heated pools, but some swimmers willingly get into an ice-cold pool at 5 in the morning, or train for six months straight so they can cut just .01 off a time. That dedication deserves to be rewarded!

Coaches and parents, you can get your swimmers gifts they are dying for, possibly literally. These are 10 Christmas gifts for swimmers. Some of them can’t be made in Santa’s workshop.

Underwater Headphones

Underwater headphones




















Staring at the bottom of a pool for hours a day can get extremely boring and tedious. Give your swimmer these for Christmas and it will redefine their swimming experience! Not only will it help keep your swimmer focused, but it will give them the extra boost of adrenaline they need to finish a set successfully.

Waterworks Aquatics Turbo T-Shirts

Each Waterworks Aquatics Swim School location has their own retail store in which we offer exclusive Waterworks Aquatics Turbo T-Shirts. What a better way to show your dedication to swimming and Waterworks Aquatics Swim School than your very own Turbo T-Shirt?

Turbo T-shirt






















Photo Courtesy: Linda Nylind



















Swim Bag






















Continuing from my last point, swimmers do tend to carry nutrition bars, Powerbars, trail mix and peanut butter crackers in their bags … from 2006. I just received the second swim bag of my 14-year career last year! Swim bags are often forgotten as a present, but if you take a look at your swimmers’ bags, you’ll see that nine times out of ten, they could use one without the crumbs, mold and thick smell of chlorine.

Chlorine Removal Shampoo




















You may be able to just buy your swimmers a new bag to get rid of the chlorine smell, but you can’t do the same when it comes to their hair. Instead, try buying them a bottle of chlorine removal shampoo. Not only will it help with smell, but it will prevent their hair from going that beautiful shade of mold green!

GoPro Camera

















This camera can allow your swimmers to take awesome underwater photos! It’s the perfect gift to get your swimmer before training trip so they can document their experiences in and out of the pool.

More Sleep

Photo Courtesy: Ryan Lochte/Twitter






















This is something every athlete desperately needs. Coaches, try and have your morning practices pushed back an hour. Your swimmers will thank you!

These towels are necessary for every swimmer no matter the age. Not only do they save moms everywhere the headache of washing chlorine-infested towels each week, they allow swimmers to stay dry and warm on deck and after practice.

A Recovery Day
There is nothing a swimmer hopes for more each day than to walk into practice and see the words “Today is recovery” on the chalk board. Coaches, sometimes this is just what your swimmers need to stay both physically and mentally in shape.

A Best Time

Michael Phelps at 2008 Olympics




















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