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Highlands Ranch Swim School - Aquatics Manager

With the opening of our new swim school located in Highlands Ranch near Denver, Colorado, we plan to send out one of our most experienced employees that has an extensive background in launching new locations. Tim Tanner, our new Aquatics Director, is extremely excited to be heading out to Colorado! Be sure to read up on Tim's background and how he hopes to make Waterworks Aquatics Swim School in Highlands Ranch the place to be for all families :)!

What is your background in Aquatics?

I played Water Polo for all 4 years of high school and 1 year in College. I am a 2 Time CIF Semi Finalist in San Diego Section Division 1. I was voted Most Improved JV Water Polo Player-Sophomore Year. I was on the Swim Team 4 years of High School, and was a 2 Time League Finalist in the 500 Freestyle and 4 x 100 relay.

What are your goals/expectations  for the new Highlands Ranch location?

We will ensure that the children in the Denver community can learn the skills of swimming “the right way from the beginning,” as well as improve the sport of Swimming in the Denver community. We also hope to allow the children in the Denver community to grow their love for the sport of swimming. We want to be involved in the community to promote water safety. The parents of Denver will be able to get rid of their child's fear of water at a young age. Lastly, we hope to provide a fun place for Birthday Parties, Community Events (Family Swim Nights) and Swim Competitions for all ages as the earliest can even be at the age of 2.

What is your history with Waterworks Aquatics?

I was hired in April 2012 as a Swim Instructor.  I was Senior Instructor as of March 2013, Lead Trainer as of July 2013, Aquatics Manager as of January of 2014, and Aquatics Director as of January 2015.

What is your favorite part of working at Waterworks Aquatics?

I love that every day I come to work and not feel like it is work.  The joy that I receive each day seeing a child progress over a difficult skill set for the first time or a child completing something they have never done before as what makes it so rewarding.  It is awesome to see a child who came in fearful with little knowledge of swimming, progress all the way to swim competitions and competitive swimming.  While teaching I had several students start with me in Parent and Me Classes and progress all the way to Swim Competitions.  It was awesome to not only see them grow up but grow in the sport of swimming as well.

What is your advice for Swimmers?

Stick with it.  I took a month off from training to get back into shape when I was competing, but it was very difficult.  It is best to stick with it especially with learning new skills/strokes as even taking couple months off can often times make a swimmer regress and have to work that much harder to get back to where they are.

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