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Swimming Pool Safety Tips

With plans for our new Highlands Ranch location to open up in February 2015, we thought we would share a few safety tips that can apply at both our pool and any other pool that you may be swimming at either recreationally or leisurely!

While swimming pools are perfect places to get exercise, play with friends, or simply have fun, they can be dangerous if not treated with the proper safety protocol. Every year, nearly, 50,000 people are hospitalized after improperly playing in a pool. With that being said, pools are not the least bit dangerous if you follow a few necessary safety guidelines. Follow these, and you can ensure that what takes place in the pool will be safe, fun, and a wonderful exercise.

Here are 3 tips to guarantee both a safe and fun pool experience:

  • Always swim with a partner

The biggest thing in swimming safety is to always have a buddy. You should never swim alone. Do you remember the movie Heavyweights? “The Buddy System!” <>

  • Avoid dives from high heights, or into shallow depths

One of the most common accidents in either an outdoor or indoor pool come from people performing unsafe dives. Be sure to always dive into water that exceeds your height by at least 1.5 times your height and never dive straight down, always dive at an angle to avoid the risk of hitting your head against the bottom of the pool.

  • Learn and practice a few basic water safety skills

Depending on your age, it may be a good idea to look into some water safety courses if you plan to be near or around a pool all the time. CPR, is an essential skill that can easily be learned by taking a short certification course.

At Waterworks Aquatics, we make it our goal to encourage water safety year-round and we do our best to increase water safety awareness in as many ways possible. If you would like us to visit your school, day care, child center, or any other activity/ learning centers to offer water safety presentations, please email us at Outreach@waterworksswim.com ! We cannot wait till our Grand Opening and we are so excited to open up our doors to our new indoor state-of-the-art facility.