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Thanksgiving Motivation


On a day dedicated to indulgence, Danny Doyle hoisted his 298 pounds out of bed, put on a swimsuit, and decided to change his life. Last Thanksgiving Danny Doyle lay in bed watching the morning news when a new anchor mentioned that the Dallas Aquatic Masters swim club was having its annual SMU Turkey Swim at 10 a.m.

“I thought, ‘I know how to swim,’” says Danny, who had swum competitively from elementary school through high school. Then he got burned out. And although he periodically had churned out a 500-yard swim since, he hadn’t been part of an organized team for more than 25 years.

The moment he took the first stroke of that hour long swim, Danny knew he was returning to a trajectory he’d veered from decades earlier. After he began swimming, which he now does four times a week, Danny knew he needed to start eating better, too. As Danny got back into the habit of working out he began losing weight, and exactly one year later, he is still swimming in the pool 50 pounds lighter.

"Swimming makes me feel exhausted, exhilarated, excited, happy. I feel like crying. This gave me a place to show up and a place to be.”

Waterworks Aquatics puts a high priority on water safety and fundamentals. Swimming is also extremely healthy and beneficial to your health. It is important to eat right and regularly exercise, and what better way than to go swimming. We offer AquaLogix, AquaCore, and Dynamis Crossfit classes at select locations. Each of these programs are designed to keep a swimmer healthy and in shape in a low impact low stress environment. For the self motivated swimmers, we also offer Lap Swim hours.

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