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Las Madres Education Fair

On Sunday, November 2nd, 2014 Waterworks Aquatics San Jose participated in a wonderfully orchestrated event held by the Las Madres group at the Scottish Rite Center.  In attendance was a variety of different groups such as private schools, day care centers, fashion vendors, special interest companies and many more!  The attendance exceeded 4,000 adults and children in total and Waterworks Aquatics was proud to be a part of this exciting event.

Las Madres was formed in 1953 by a group of women in a Palo Alto childbirth class. The main purpose of Las Madres is to provide a network of neighborhood playgroups for those with children born in the same year. Although the Playgroups remain the heart of Las Madres, today we have evolved into much more.

  • Provide neighborhood and community-wide parental forums for educational assistance and exchanging of ideas and information between and among parents.
  • Support children and their parents pertaining to parenting and early childhood mental, physical and social development.
  • Organize and support educational activities which develop confidence and self-esteem and encourage close knit families and strong, healthy parent-child relationships through parent-child interaction.
  • Provide information about surrounding community services and providing services not readily available to individuals.

 In addition to our generous gift basket donation for the raffle, Turbo made a special apperance to take pictures with the children.  Waterworks Aquatics SJ was honored to add to the success of this great community outreach event and looks forward to participating again for many years to come! The community of Las Madres were excited to see Turbo the Tigershark at their Education Fair.

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