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Dynamis CrossFit

We are proud to announce Waterworks Aquatics will now be offering Dynamis CrossFit classes in our indoor pools.

CrossFit is a fitness system designed to get any person, no matter their experience or level, into the best shape of their life. It is optimized fitness for everyone. Our classes and private coaching are based on the CrossFit program, which delivers a fitness that is comprehensive and superior. CrossFit uses a variety of applicable and functional movements you’ll likely encounter in everyday life (like pushing, throwing, lifting, running) to improve your strength, stamina, power, speed, endurance, flexibility, and overall health.

CrossFit is already expanding internationally, and is now used as the premier strength and conditioning training for special ops teams and law enforcement academies. Whether you’re an elite athlete looking to take it to the next level, or a novice beginner, CrossFit can help you realize your fitness goals.

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Is Dynamis CrossFit right for me?

The answer is “YES!” if you are someone who…

  • Feels you are too busy to exercise
  • Is looking to get in shape
  • Is not satisfied with the results of your current fitness routine
  • Wants to be stronger and more successful in your sport
  • Is tired of working out at impersonal corporate gyms
  • Wants to improve your health and quality of life

At Dynamis CrossFit, our knowledgeable coaches are dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals. We promise to provide expert guidance, a positive environment, and a welcoming community. Our mission is to transform lives by encouraging and inspiring long-term fitness and health.

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