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A Fine Line

There is a fine line between insanity and genius. The photo you see below, is of a helmeted Super Bowl MVP Peyton Manning sitting on a stool, and looking at an iPad with one foot in a tub. It's not often you see people -- football players or otherwise -- wearing helmets poolside. Some may say Peyton (age 38) has finally fallen off his rocker.

But there's a perfectly logical explanation.






















According to the Broncos' media, Manning was in the the training room during a Wednesday practice getting treatment on his right ankle. Not wanting to miss anything, Manning donned his helmet so he could listen to offensive coordinator Adam Gase call the plays on the practice field. Meanwhile, Manning watched game tape on his iPad.

Oh, and tight end Julius Thomas was also in the training room with Manning.

"[Peyton] heard the calls, he'd repeat them to Julius and they were kind of -- it was a way for them to take two hours and stay in the game plan," explained Gase, who laughed about the photo above making it onto CBS' broadcast last week.

"I've never seen that one before until the other day," tight end Jacob Tamme said, adding: “Yeah, he sets pretty high standards all the time ... we're lucky he didn't drop the iPad there.".


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