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Halloween Spirit

This past week our pools have been infested with ghosts, superheroes, and other cute costumes. We have Halloween Spirit!! Our staff, swim instructors, and little swimmers have dressed up in their favorite costumes. We also hosted a Halloween Instagram contest, encouraging everyone to spread their Halloween Spirit. This last weekend we also hosted a location-wide Halloween themed Family Swim Night! Great news everybody!! Halloween is almost here!! We will be open on Halloween so be sure to ask "Trick or Treat!"









Our Family Swim Night was a huge success. We had an impressive number of families sign up for food, music, and games in our heated indoor pools. We also hosted a pumpkin carving contest, which was a huge success. This man's pumpkin simply trumps all though! A Swiss gardener has grown the world’s heaviest pumpkin — and it weighs almost as much as a small car. Beni Meier, 30, had to use a special vehicle to transport the fruit, which tipped the scales at 2,096.6 lbs. The pumpkin broke a world record previously held by California couple Tim and Susan Mathison.





















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