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What is Waterworks Aquatics?

Waterworks Aquatics is coming to Highlands Ranch!!! For those of you that don't know, Waterworks Aquatics is a premier swim school that teaches children ages 3 months through adult how to swim. Our mission is to educate and motivate people of all ages to be safer and learn proper swimming technique. Waterworks Aquatics is a learning organization with a highly qualified team who creates a customized experience in every realm of aquatic programming as we feel swimming is a life-long skill.

What makes us different from other swim schools is our child-centered approach and supportive atmosphere. Our goal as a swim center is to encourage children to have fun in the water while improving their water skills. Our proven teaching methods and caring instructors will allow children to learn and grow within our program. We ensure each instructor is confident and fully attentive on the child or adult that is learning how to swim. Our Aquatics Manager gives one on one training with each instructor for 60 hours in and out of the water. The instructors are then tested until they feel they are confident enough to handle six kids at a time.By utilizing a specialized muscle memory technique, we are able to teach stroke technique at a very quick rate.

The service we provide you and your child extends beyond swim lessons. Lasting relationships are built through a “triangle of communication” between every parent, child, and instructor. We carefully match our students to an instructor who can best understand their capabilities and help them reach their full potential. Each lesson is structured yet flexible to meet the needs of each individual, which allows our students to steadily progress and thrive in a safe, comfortable environment.

What kind of programs do you offer?

We offer a variety of Mommy & Me classes for kids beginning at 3 months to 3 years old. This class is designed to highlight water safety and water fun. In a fun, relaxed environment, skills are taught through repetition of songs and activities. The only requirement is that all babies must wear a disposable and a reusable swim diaper. Waterworks Aquatics sells the “I-Play” brand and their prices are competitive.



We also offer private, semi-private, and group lessons. Our private swim lessons are available for students of all ages. With one instructor and one student, the learning process will be accelerated. Your child will receive personalized attention at an optimal level. Depending on the student’s skill level, they will progress from learning the basics of putting their face in the water all the way to refining their stroke technique. Private swim instruction helps minimize distractions for younger children and creates a focused learning environment for older children who need one-on-one attention.

Semi-private swim lessons offer students the opportunity to interact with another student of a similar age and ability while still receiving personal attention. We will pair your child with another student of a similar age and ability or you may schedule your child’s lessons with a friend. Our semi-private lessons differ from other programs in that our instructors are trained to eliminate “dead time” meaning one child waits on the wall while the other child is interacting with the swim instructor. Both children are encouraged to observe one another and remain active throughout the swimming lesson.

In a small group lesson, students enjoy interacting with their peers while improving their skills and technique. Our group lessons have 3-4 students with one instructor. We offer group lesson packages where you can form your own group.

Stroke clinic classes at Waterworks Aquatics are designed for students who desire to learn more advanced swimming techniques in a group setting. Many children who have potential to become great swimmers are placed on swim teams; however, without adequate guidance and instruction, children do not learn proper swimming technique. Our Stroke Clinic puts emphasis on proper technique over speed. A strong technical foundation will ensure that students progress much faster when the time comes for them to work on speed. The stroke clinic is exciting and fast paced, and students will receive a great workout.

It is not all about the kids! We also offer lessons for adults!! From beginners to triathletes, our swimming lessons for adults are ideal for anyone who desires to improve their technique or conquer their fear of the water. Our trained instructors will guide you through basic skills and our lessons are tailored to meet your individual needs. Adult swimming lessons are private and can be scheduled according to instructor availability.




 Aside from lessons, we offer birthday party specials, dives & turns clinics, physical therapy, water aerobics, aqua logix, swim teams, family swim nights, and swim competitions. We offer programs which not only children of all ages can participate, but the whole family can get involved. We will be opening our Highlands Ranch facility in February of 2015, but we will begin training and offering FREE classes in pools around Highlands Ranch. If you are interested feel free to contact us at outreach@waterworksswim.com.


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