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Halloween Family Swim Night

Hello to all of you ghosts and ghouls out there! Waterworks Aquatics would like to spookily invite you to join us in our Halloween Spirit Week starting next week from October 20th – 24th! Our office staff and swim instructors will be dressing up in their most festive Halloween attire for the week to help prepare for our Halloween Family Swim Night on October 25th & 26th , depending on your location, and also for Halloween Day October 31st. We ask that all of you, parents and children, get into the ghostly spirit and join us in dressing up also (this would be a great chance to repeat some of those old costumes you haven’t worn in a few years, I know I will)! If you haven’t been to our Spooky Swim Night then you’ve been tricking yourself out of an awesome treat! For a small fee of $7.00 per child and $5.00 per adult ($25.00 maximum charge for family), you can take part in a ghoulish party filled with music, crafts, and Halloween themed snacks! Also, if you bring your already carved pumpkin to this spook-tacular event you can take part in our pumpkin carving contest! As a reminder this event is coming next Sunday the 26th from 4:00pm- 6:00pm and we are expecting all of you to come dressed up in your best mummy, witch, prince/princess, vampire, superhero, or villain/ villainess attire! The spirit of Halloween is imminent and we need your help to bring it in next week starting on the 20th so suit up and let’s make this spirit week and Spooky Swim Night a treat that they’ll be talking about for centuries! This is also a great opportunity to get a picture for our Turbo Spooky Scavenger Hunt!!


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