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Superhero Day Recap

If you did not get a chance to attend our Superhero Day this Tuesday, you definitely missed out. But never fear, we are here to share a Superhero Day Recap. Here at Waterworks Aquatics we had a fun-filled day with Superhero Day!! we hid Villains throughout our facility and asked all of our little swimmers to help capture them. Once they found them, they were told to bring the nasty villain to the front desk for a reward! Both parent and child had a blast searching near and far for these baddies! The way the children lit up when they found one was way too adorable for words. Just watching them in the play area searching for one and spotting the villain to tell their parents right there mom go get him was very entertaining and it was a great spin on the classic Easter Egg Hunt. Who doesn't like fighting crime, standing up for justice, and learning the essentials to water safety in order to keep our school a safe place!?! For you heroes out there that helped us in our battle, the staff at Waterworks Aquatics and Turbo the Tigershark would like to thank you! Stay tuned heroes because you'll never know when we will have another invasion and will be calling on you to help us battle again!


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