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Swim Competition Recap

If you were not able to attend our swim competition this weekend, you definitely missed out. But never fear, here is a swim competition recap. Waterworks Carlsbad was back to the swing of things this past weekend, hosting an exciting swim competition. On Saturday September 13, 2014 our swim competition was one of the biggest we have had this year with 58 kids and 77 events. The kids were extremely anxious to collect more ribbons for their trophies because the races were impressive. There were so many entries we almost ran out of ribbons to give to our little swimmers for their achievements. For those of you who have never been to or been a part of our competitions; they are tons of fun and are held in a non- competitive manner.

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 The kids will be in the race with other kids but technically will only be racing against themselves. This means they are working on beating their previous time in the same race in the previous competition. Ribbons are awarded for every race your child takes part of no matter what place they come in! We have First, Second, and Third place as well as Time Improvement (it’s a really cool rainbow designs that kids love) and also Participation. Once they have accumulated 15 Ribbons they will receive a trophy at the next competition. Our events went as follows: 100 Yard Individual Medley (25 yards butterfly, 25 yard back stroke, 25 breast stroke, 25 freestyle) , and also races that commit to just the strokes  specifically in distances of 25,50,100 yards. There is a $5.00 entry fee and then it’s $3.00 per race. Our competitions start at 2:00pm and generally end at around 4:00pm and then our coin toss is held in the shallow ends of our pools which kids really love because let’s face it everyone loves money! If you don’t want to take part of our competition you’re more than welcome to come and watch there is no fee. Our next one is on Saturday September 27, 2014! Hope to see you there!

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