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Water Aerobics and Aqua Physical Therapy

We are proud to offer many different programs in our lovely new San Jose facility. We have our highly trained instructors to teach our swim lessons as well as Water Aerobics and Aqua Physical Therapy classes. In addition to that we are also able to rent out pool space to independent contractors to provide Water Aerobics and Aqua Physical Therapy to our clients. Aqua Physical therapy in the water is low impact and very good exercise for those who might want to improve their mobility. Buoyancy in the water acts as support for your body as well as reduces the impact on joints. Water aerobics can benefit individuals with a number of health conditions, including arthritis and fibromyalgia. It also can help those recovering from an injury by increasing flexibility and range of motion. The low impact of these exercises and therapy makes this great for those who are both swimmers, non-swimmers, expecting mothers, and seniors. Resistance in water ranges between 4 and 42 times greater than in air, depending on the speed of movement. This makes water a natural and instantly-adjustable weight-training machine. Consequently, your heart rate is an estimated 10-15 beats lower per minute during suspended water exercise than for the same effort applied on land. Water Aerobics also provides beginner swimmers with the confidence they need to excel in the pool by practicing, standing upright, in shallow water, and eventually ducking their head under. Several swimmers have benefited from Water Aerobics at Waterworks Aquatics.

“At the age of 57, I decided that it was time to take swimming lessions. I have been taking water aerobics classes here, but was afraid to be in the deep end of the pool or put my face in the water. Now, after 6 lessions, I can swim with my face in the water, roll over to a floating position and exercise in the deep end of the pool. My instructor understood my fears and her knowledge, dedication and commitment to me proved that learning is possible with the right teacher. The facility prides itself on having a clean environment with showers, changing rooms,lounge chairs in both their indoor and outdoor areas. Waterworks Aquatics is the perfect place to learn, swim, exercise and have fun doing it. ”
Trina R. 

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