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Instructor Race

Instructor Relay Race

San Jose was so very excited to witness our very first instructor race! It was quite the thrill ride. We had three teams consisting of our most competitive instructors. Teams were chosen and strokes were delegated. On the sign-up sheet we posted on our break room we had electricity through the roof! There were three teams: Mathew the Madman and The Mighty Mitchel, Radical Robbie and the Notorious Nicole, Gifted Gabriella and The Funktastic Fernando. On your Mark! Get Set! Go! And they’re off! The Mighty Mitchel dives off the block at the very sound of Go. The Notorious Nicole follows with impeccable timing and a flawless pull down. Our very own Gifted Gabby is trailing their heels. The Mighty is just too quick for them. His Butterfly was mean and his Back stroke looked almost effortless. Nicole’s pull-down helped gain some momentum, but not enough to gain the lead. As the two entered their back stroke the seemed to be almost fingertip to fingertip. The Gifted Gabby was just seconds behind. Mitchel breaks away with his backstroke right at the last length for a more commanding lead. The Madman flies off the block like a superman, and enters the water almost at the 4’3” marker. Then comes the Notorious tag, and The Rad Robbie times his dive just right. The gift of Gab contacts the wall and The Funktastic Ferny dives with all his strength in an effort to close the gap. The Madman and the Mighty are just too strong in the water for anyone to catch them. They both stand proud out of the water as the other two teams finish strong. The Radical finishes second and finally the Funktastic ends our first instructor relay. Everyone exits the pool to loud cheers and applause. The teams all high five in an outstanding effort to demonstrate to all the most important rule of the game. To be or not to be, a Good Sport.