Swim Library

Why swimming??

Having a child learn to swim is a priority for many parents because it is a life-saving skill.  However, swimming is so much more than that for children.  The benefits to swimming –and to starting at a young age– are endless. 

1.  Swimming is a life-long activity.  Have you noticed that there aren’t many 60 year olds playing football or basketball but you will find people swimming well into their 90′s?  That’s because swimming is a low-impact, muscle-strengthening and endurance-building activity.  It’s good for your joints, muscles, heart, lungs, everything!  It is one of the only sports that can be enjoyed safely for a lifetime.

2.  Swimming builds confidence.  A child that learns to float, swim or even just learns a new stroke gains a ton of confidence!  This confidence can be seen in the pool through continued progress and even at home and in the classroom.  The CDC even notes that swimming can improve one’s mood and combat depression (especially in warmer water).

3.  Swimming is fun.  Whether you swim to compete or just swim to play, swimming is a lot of fun.  There are so many different activities that involve swimming such as water polo, water aerobics, snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing, triathlons and just lounging around.  Imagine being hot on a summer day and not being able to take a dip in a pool or splash around at the beach!  Having basic swimming skills can actually improve the quality of life!