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Congratulations to our Coloring Contest Winners!

The votes are in and the verdict has been announced! Due to our overwhelming number of entries this time we decided to honor our second and third place runner ups in addition to our first place winners. Runner ups will get to dive into our treasure chest and our first place winners will receive a FREE dippin dots and Waterworks T-Shirt!

 Drum roll please….and the winners are

Age 3-4yrs:

1stLouisa Bravo Bonzid

2ndDani Vera

3rdKatherine Tung

 Age 5yrs:

1stNicole McMillan

2ndAnanay Gupta

3rdSydney Paidosh

 Age 6yrs:

1stGrace Jin

2ndAva Shaw

3rdCharlize Choo

 Age 7-8yrs:

1stColin Chuang

2ndRiya Gupta

3rdLia Cui

 Age 9yrs and older:

1st Aanya Jain

2ndKristin Pham

3rdLaura Johnstone