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New 300 Ribbon Trophy!

Due to the outstanding participation in our swim competitions Waterworks is excited to share that we now have a 300 ribbon trophy!  This large trophy has 3 tiers with a metal featuring Turbo the Tiger Shark! In order for your child to receive an Outstanding Participation Trophy all your child needs to do is accumulate 15 or more ribbons at our swim competitions. 

 Trophies are given at 15, 30, 50, 75, 125, 200, and 300 ribbons all in increasing size. Every child gets a placement or participation ribbon for each event they swim, and if they improve their time from the previous meet in the same event a rainbow ribbon is also given! This means if your child participates in four events and improves their time in all four events they could earn up to 8 ribbons in one meet! Trophies are presented to children on an Olympic style platform during the swim competition.  Waterworks loves rewarding the children for all their hard work, and seeing their smiles as they are presented their trophy.  If you would like to see what our trophies look like you can see them displayed on the wall behind the front desk.  To enroll in a future swim meet you can click on www.waterworksswimonline.com to register.