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Parents and Children Participate in Mock Rescue to Raise Awareness about Drowning

According to Orange County Fire officials twelve people have died from drowning incidents in Orange County this year.

 To combat this alarmingly high number Waterworks Aquatics has partnered with OC Fire Authority, Stewie the Duck, Sparky the Dog, Irvine Police Department, Red Cross, D.A.R.E., Trauma Intervention Programs,  Aqua Net, and Pretend City to raise awareness regarding drowning and promoting water safety.

 Waterworks lifeguards and OCFA fire fighters demonstrated a mock rescue to show parents how professionals respond to a near drowning call.  Information and tips were also given out regarding water safety and preventative equipment which can be utilized around your home pool.

 Some key tips shared today are: Always delegate an adult “water watcher” at pool gatherings.  Parents can rotate duties or you can hire a certified lifeguard.  Never leave a child unattended at the pool or beach.  Install proper fencing around a pool and use layers of protection such as alarms, pool covers and more. Do not rely on floatation devices.  Learn CPR, rescue techniques, and have a plan of action in case of emergency.

 You can view photos and read more about our Safety Presentation in the OC Register at this link http://shar.es/myTyo