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Swim Team Now Practicing in our Heated Outdoor Pool!

Spring is upon us! With the warmer weather and the sun setting later we have decided to give our swim team more room by moving their practice to our heated outdoor pool. Our teams can now enjoy a more spacious environment to focus on their swimming while having fun practicing. Teams enjoy working on speed, conditioning and stroke refinement.

 Waterworks has two teams based on age.  Our Silver Team is for children 5-8 years old and they meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 4-4:40pm. Our Gold Team is for children 9 years and older and their practice is Monday through Thursday 6-7pm. If your child would like to join our team and you are currently enrolled for lessons, please ask their instructor if they are capable. If you are new to the facility we will ask the student to take a short swim test prior to registration at anytime during our business hours.  For more information please feel free to check out our website or speak to a customer service representative.