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Join Waterworks at Pretend City for Fun Interactive Water Themed Presentations!

Waterworks is excited to host four different, fun and interactive presentations at Pretend City who will be hosting a Family Fun & Wellness Fair Health Fair this Saturday March 13th!  Presentations will include children’s participation, games and fun stories to educate all in attendance about Water Sports and Games, Safety at the Beach, Water Heroes, and the Safer 3 program. Read below for a short synopsis of what the four different and exciting presentations will include!

 Water Heroes  (Presentation will begin at 10:30am)

Learn about what it takes to become a lifesaving professional and how these people make our beaches and pools safe to enjoy. Listen to the staff of Waterworks Aquatics as they share with us their real life experiences of protecting swimmers at local pools and beaches throughout Orange County.  This class will promote water safety and familiarize participants with the training involved to become a lifeguard and what these individuals do to educate, inform, and protect swimmers around the world. Topics discussed will cover ocean and water safety, first aid, and lifesaving techniques.

 Water Sports and Games  (Presentation will begin at 12:30pm)

Are you and your children getting excited for the beach and summer activities? Join Waterworks Aquatics as they teach the children how to be more water safe while participating in summer water activities.  We will incorporate fun games and activities that get the children up and moving to get rid of all their extra energy while learning more ways to be water safe. 

 Safety at the Beach (Presentation will begin at 2:00pm)

Do you know the 10 Essentials of a successful and safe trip to the beach? This program will cover what you and your children should know about how best to hit the sand this summer. Children will gain self-confidence by learning to pack their own bag for a trip to the beach and what rules to follow once there. Students will recognize where it’s safest to play and swim at the beach and how to protect themselves in this new environment. 

 Safer 3 (Presentation will begin at 4pm)

Join the team from Waterworks Aquatics as they hold an interactive story time that will introduce children of all ages to the importance of water safety.  Children will learn about the safer three as we explore how children and adults can be more water safe.   After learning about all of the fun that the safer three had on their adventures the children will be able to take home a coloring page to keep them excited about staying safe when near the water.