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Parent and Me Program Improvements

Here at Waterworks we are consistently thinking of ways to better improve our programs we deliver to our customers.  After recently attending the World Aquatic Babies Conference in Vancouver, Canada and the United States Swim School Association in San Diego, CA, our Aquatics Director and Managers have collaborated with our Parent and Me Instructors to implement new changes to our program.

Our goal is to empower you the parent/adult to teach your child to swim. The three primary water skills we teach include: underwater submersion, back floating and roll-over breathing. To add value to each class you attend, we have designed 5 levels within each skill set. This will allow you to better understand the “baby steps” your child is taking towards progressing through our “learn to swim” curriculum.  Your instructor will also be documenting each child’s progression in our database. 

Our classes also allow you to teach your child valuable water safety skills in a playful, fun and safe environment.  For example, in our advanced class the children practice jumping off the wall, recovering for air using roll-over breathing and swimming back to the wall. As your child progresses through our newly revised program, they will become more confident in the water.  Children will be able to demonstrate balance, breath control and buoyancy through a variety of skill sets integrated into all of our classes. Please look for these changes among others in our swim programs here at Waterworks