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Swimming Safety Tips #3

It’s time for our third segment of our Summer Safety Tips!  This summer, we’ve covered how to make play time in the water and at pool parties a safer environment. Click here for all the swimming safety tips.  We have also reviewed measures you can take to reduce the ability of a child to wander into a pool area unsupervised or without your knowledge.

Today we would like to cover a plan of action you can take if a child does fall into a pool.  This plan of action is provided by the American Red Cross.

  1. Yell for help and check the scene to make sure that you can safely help the child.
  2. Get the child out of the pool and onto the pool deck.
  3. Check for consciousness by tapping and shouting - “Are you OK?”
  4. If someone is with you, have them call 9-1-1.
  5. Determine if the child is breathing by tilting the head back.  If you don’t hear or feel breathing or see the chest rising, give 2 Rescue Breathing or CPR immediately and continue until emergency help arrives.
  6. If you are alone and the child is not breathing and/or does not have a pulse, start Rescue Breathing or CPR immediately.  After one minute call 9-1-1. Return to the child and continue CPR until help arrives.

Water Safety is important to us at Waterworks and we hope that you have found our series of Summer Safety Tips helpful!