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Swim Competition July 11th-Gold Dollar Coin Toss, Ribbons and Trophies

Waterworks will be holding a swim competition THIS Saturday July 11thstarting at 11am and ending at approximately 1pm.   As a last minute addition our Coin Toss at the end of the meet will include Gold Dollar Coins!  We encourage all children who can swim the length of the pool to participate.  Every child receives a ribbon so everyone leaves a winner!  In addition to Participant and Placement ribbons Rainbow Time Improvement ribbons are given to children whose time have improved from the previous meet.   We also give trophies to children once they have earned 15, 30, 50, 75, 125, and 200 ribbons.  Competitions are a great way to motivate children to work harder in their classes.  They love collecting the ribbons, and the times recorded allow the parents to keep track of their progress.    Competitions also give the children a chance to perform in front of their friends and family while breaking up the monotony of weekly swim classes.  We will be barbequing hot dogs for sale along with snow-cones, Dippin’ Dots and other snacks to make the event fun for the whole family.  At the end of the meet all swim meet participants get to jump in the pool for our Coin Toss and take home whatever coins they gather.  We want to thank Angus Smith Construction for donating the Gold Dollar Coins for this meet and giving the children something extra special to look forward to.  If you would like to sign up for the competition please stop by our front desk to enroll!