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Our first week of Summer Swim Camp started out with a bang! Our swimmers worked hard on improving their technique of all four swim strokes, dives, flip turns, breathing, speed, and conditioning.  There was a friendly competition between the kids when they raced against each other. And all of the children looked forward to playing on our giant pool rafts at the end of each session.  Matt, our head-Swim Camp Instructor, along with our other Waterworks swim instructors made the days fun while the swimmers were working hard!  Parents have told us how much their kids have improved in just a of the week of swim camp!  On the last day of camp instead of the usual snack each child got a snow cone which was an exciting end to the weeklong camp.  We will be holding camp sessions every week this summer ending the week of August 31st-September 4th.   This camp is great for children between the ages of 5-14 years who can swim a minimum of 2 lengths of a 25 yard pool.  All children who participant must pass a swim test.  For more information please feel free to speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives or pick up a flyer at our front desk.




Head Swim Coach-Matt