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Summer Swim Safety Tips-Safer Kids

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Don’t let the June Gloom fool you, it’s Summer Time!  All too soon the morning marine layer will be replaced with full hot sunny Southern California days, and cooling off at the pool will be a popular daytime activity.  Playing in the water can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to remember that creating a safe environment in and around the water is very important.  At Waterworks we take water safety seriously and we would like to share some simple and easy tips to help you keep your kids safer near the water.

Safer Kids:

  • When at parties or with groups of friends and family it is easy to assume someone else is watching the children in the water.  Always assign an adult “Water-Watcher” who is able to swim.  You can rotate duties throughout the party, and designate the current “Water-Watcher” with a simple symbol such as a necklace or hat so that there is no confusion who is watching the children.  Hiring a certified lifeguard is also a great way to make sure there is always a qualified and focused “Water-Watcher”
  • Make sure children and Water-Watchers know the pool rules
  • Do not rely on floatation devices; a child can easily slip out of them or even remove them
  • Restrict diving to designated areas with sufficient depth, and make sure children are jumping away from the wall to prevent injury
  • Stress proper pool behavior and limit horse play
  • Learning to swim with a qualified instructor and maintaining these skills year round will give your children valuable lifelong skills
  • No matter what your child’s swim level is, never treat your child as completely “water-safe.”  This can cause a false sense of security and lack of supervision

Look for more water safety tips to come in future blog posts!