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Swim Team vs. Stroke Clinic- What’s Best for Your Child?

Many parents have approached us wondering what the difference is between Swim Team and Stroke Clinic.  Although they may seem very similar there are actually differences that could be very important in determining what is best for your child. 

Our Stroke Clinic class puts an emphasis on learning proper technique over speed.  This foundation ensures that students progress much faster when the time comes for them to work on speed.  In addition to group instruction the children also have opportunity to receive individual attention from the instructor.  The children work on advanced skills that are beyond basic swimming such as starts and flip turns.  This class is fast paced, fun and the children build strength and stamina while learning. 

Our Swim Teams are for children who have a solid grasp on technique and want to work on increasing speed, conditioning and endurance rather than just perfecting technique.  The instructors take more of a coaching role rather than an instructional role in this program and there is less individualized attention given as in the stroke clinics. Our advance swim team coach runs the class from deck rather than in the water.  Both programs are a great way for children to learn and grow as advanced swimmers. 

Growing swimming skills, friendly competition and encouragement from our knowledgeable instructors make the swim teams and stroke clinic classes very popular programs at Waterworks.  If you would like to see the class times or get additional information please come by our front desk to pick up a flyer or ask our Customer Service Representatives.