Swim Library

Outdoor Pool has Reopened!


Warmer weather is in the air!  For those of you who enjoy taking advantage of Southern California’s pleasant weather by swimming outdoors, Waterworks is excited to inform you that we have reopened the outdoor pool!  The pool has been drained, scrubbed and filled with new water for the new of season.  Already manylap swimmers have moved to the outdoor pool to enjoy the sun.  I have seen several swimmers use our outdoor pool and enjoying the Orange County sun by relaxing in our lounge chairs after their work out.  Starting April 1st our swim teamswill also move outdoors meaning swim team supporters can choose to watch their swimmers while soaking up the sun or from comfort of the shaded areas. The opening of the outdoor pool also gives swimmers more space to swim and learn. 


The April swim competitions return to the outdoor pool!


If you’re interested in out door lap swim, contact our front desk or click here for more information.