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Swim Meet This Saturday March 28th! If you missed our first ever Gold Dollar Coin Toss, you can catch it again this Saturday!

swim-meet-228-061Waterworks‘ first ever Gold Dollar Coin Toss was held at our February 28th Swim Competition  and it was received with so much enthusiasm that we have decided to continue the tradition for one more swim meet! In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day we will be having a “Lucky Pot of Gold” Dollar Coin Toss for our next swim meet THIS Saturday March 28th. For those of you who haven’t been to a swim meet, we always end the competition with our popular Coin Toss. Swim meet participants get to jump in the pool and gather as many coins as they can. All coins the children find, they get to take home. We are grateful to US Bank for sponsoring these 2 Gold Dollar Coin Tosses and giving the children something extra special to look forward to.  If you would like to register for this competition please come by the front desk to pick up a registration form.