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Prizes- Prizes- Prizes! Waterworks loves to give away free stuff!

One lucky winner shows us his prizes!

One lucky winner shows us his prizes!

The Waterworks Water Bottle Candy Contest has come to a close and I know you are all wondering “how many M&M’s really were in that water bottle?”!  The answer is 806!  I was surprised myself that so many fit in the water bottle, and even more surprised that we had some very close guesses.  Congratulations to the following children for their winning guess in their age category:

4 years old Jaiyden Mccutchenson guessed 803

5 years old Joshua Quinn guessed 800

6 years old Paul Shin guessed 800

7 years old Neal Patel guessed 820

9 years old Suzy Shin guessed 805

Each child gets to take home a Waterworks Water Bottle, Waterworks T-shirt, and bag of M&M’s!

Our New Year’s Raffle has also come to a close.  We extend big congratulations to our five New Year’s Raffle winners:

Banafshen Shaibani, Lisa Bernstein, Larry Ma, Ling Tam, and Sharma Anindya

We are happy to announce that each of these clients have been awarded 2 free swim lessons and a free portrait session with photographer Mali Walkman.