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Motivation and Confidence-Some of the Many Benefits of Participating in Swim Competitions

One of the questions that many parents have brought to our attention is the concern that it is too early to have their child participate in a swim competition.  Many are also unaware of the many positive benefits of participating in swim competitions. We wanted to take a moment to share some of those advantages with you.   Children often experience a boost of confidence in their swimming skills after they participate in their first swim meet.  Once a child swims across the pool with a crowd cheering them on, they truly realize what they can do and have fun while doing it.  This usually results in a boost in their self esteem and confidence.  I have seen many first time competitors take a couple minutes to finish their first lap while all the parents and our staff have been very supportive in cheering that child on.  Every child is rewarded for their hard work by receiving a ribbon, so they will always leave feeling like a winner.  Swim meets not only give children motivation to work harder in their swim lessons but participating in meets consistently gives them a tangible goal to improve their speed and accomplish a better time with each meet.  In addition to placement and participation ribbons, we also give time improvement ribbons so they can easily track their progress.  Swim meets are exciting because children get to perform in front of their family and friends.  This, in turn, breaks up the monotony of weekly classes and gives the children something to look forward to and work towards.  We encourage you to have your child participate in our competitions as we believe this activity builds great confidence, self esteem, motivation, and progression.