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Outdoor Pool Closed for Winter Months

Some of you may have noticed that our outdoor pool has been closed for the past few months.  Although, most of our clients prefer the warm indoor pools during these colder winter months there has been some curiosity aroused as to the closure of the outdoor pool.  For those curious ones I wanted to share with you that, yes, the outdoor pool will open again.  The closure is only temporary during the winter, and we expect to open it back up in March or April.  The demand to move all swim classes and activities indoors during the winter is very large, and in the end, far outweighed the few who preferred the outdoor pool.  Since the cost to heat the outdoor pool in the winter is so expensive, and it gets such little use, it only made sense to conserve on energy and close it down completely.  I’ve talked to a lot of happy parents of children in our more advanced programs such asSwim Team, and Stroke Clinic Classes who are very enthused about having their classes moved indoors for these months.  We are also excited we can now hold Swim Meets year round, moving them indoors during the winter.