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Children Love to Participate

  • Contest Bottle!

At Waterworks, we feel it is important to provide a fun and happy atmosphere for the children to enjoy and learn to swim. Not only do we provide a great teacher to facilitate our lessons, but we also want your child to enjoy coming to our facility, interacting with our office staff, and participating in both swimming and non-swimming activities.  We think that if a child looks forward to coming to our facility as a whole, enthusiasm for learning to swim will increase.  For this reason we periodically hold fun contests for the children to participate in and win prizes with no extra cost for Mom and Dad.  Over the winter months we held a Dippin’ Dots coloring contest where 5 winners each won a package of Dippin’ Dots and a Waterworks T-Shirt.  Currently we are holding a Water Bottle Candy Contest.  We have filled a Waterworks Water Bottle full of M&M’s and all children can submit their guess of how many M&M’s are in the bottle. Already we have had many children participate in the contest.  It is so much fun to see the excitement on their faces as they think of what number they want to guess.  Yesterday I watched some of the children be very creative in how they came up with their number, ranging from doing complicated math equations to just plain guessing!  Five winners will be chosen based on their age, and each will have the chance to win a Waterworks Water Bottle, Waterworks T-Shirt and a bag of M&M’s.  The candy filled water bottle is displayed at the snack shop along with contest cards for the children to fill out.