Water Aerobics Classes In Irvine

Water Aerobics

Water aerobics classes in Irvine are perfect for those looking for a great low impact workout. Classes are held at Waterworks Aquatics, featuring a welcoming environment full of swimmers encouraging one another to succeed.

Water Aerobics
Class Description:

Using the natural buoyancy and natural resistance of the water, these classes work to improve your flexibility and strength. Water aerobics classes aim to help with circulation, range of motion and increase endurance.

Aqua X Fit
Class Description:

This unique class uses drag resistance fitness gear to push and pull the water, effectively increasing the amount of resistance compared to a traditional aqua class. This class focuses on strength vs cardio, though participants will achieve the benefits of both. The class is suitable for beginners and advanced participants alike. Core strength, balance, and flexibility are improved. Water offers a low impact environment with low risk of injury and no risk of falling over or losing your balance. Muscle soreness is also rare. Depending on the intensity of your workout, you can burn several hundred calories in one class. 

Aqua Fit (high intensity)
Class Description:

A traditional high intensity class that meets the needs of beginners (go at your own pace) and advanced participants alike. This class focuses on cardio vs strength, and through the natural resistance of water participants will achieve the benefits of both within a low-impact, low-risk environment.  Because water cools the joints and muscles reducing inflammation, muscle soreness is rare, and you will find you can work harder for longer than traditional land aerobics classes.  Depending on the intensity of your workout, you can burn several hundred calories in one class. 

Hydro Fit
Class Description:

This will be a 50-minute Hydro Fit class. Use of noodles, buoyant hand weights*, xfit bells*, and other equipment may be used. Participants are encouraged to bring their own.
*Not provided.


Water Aerobics Low Intensity Classes



Water Aerobics High Intensity Classes

Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays  
Time: 12:00pm – 12:45pm
Instructor: Chrissy
Enclosed Pool

**Starting Tuessday, April 5th


Aqua X Fit Classes

Days: Mondays
Time: 7:00pm – 7:45pm
Instructor: Monica
Enclosed Pool

Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays
Time: 10:00am – 10:45am
Instructor: Melanie
Enclosed Pool

Aqua Fit Classes

Days: Mondays
Time: 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Instructor: Melanie
Enclosed Pool



Hydro Fit Classes

Days: Wednesdays
Time: 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Instructor: Melanie
Enclosed Pool



$12 per class; purchase a Waterworks Aquatics scan card and save!
$108 for 10 classes
$150 for 15 classes
$180 for 20 classes

Additional Details:

  • Water aerobics classes must be reserved ahead of time through our online customer portal. Reservations can only be made online. You can log into our customer portal here. Please do not call in to make your reservation. Drop ins are not allowed.
  • Class sizes are limited. Please make reservations in advance. Reservations can only be made online and up to two weeks in advance or up to one hour before the class time (if space allows).
  • Payment must be made at the time you make the reservation. You must have a paid aerobics balance in order to confirm your water aerobics reservation.
  • You may choose to make multiple reservations for selected dates and/or you may choose to select reservations on a certain day and time on a recurring basis.
  • Once you have made payment and reserved your class, you may cancel the reservation and reschedule as long as you do so in advance. You must cancel at least one hour before the start of your class in order to receive a makeup class.
  • No refunds will be given for missed classes.