Swim Competitions In Irvine

Youth Swim Meets for Level 5 and Up

Swim competitions in Irvine provide a way for children to put their swimming skills to the test, with competitions held 1-2 times per month. We group swimmers by age for their swim events so that they can swim with others of similar ability. Swimmers as young as two are encouraged to participate in these friendly competitions, as long as they can demonstrate that they are a Level 5 and up swimmer.

All participants will receive a ribbon after each race. After earning  15 ribbons, swimmers will receive a trophy representative of their hard work.

Irvine Swim Competition Dates

Saturday, June 22
11:30 AM
Saturday, July 06
11:30 AM
Saturday, July 20
11:30 AM
Saturday, August 03
11:30 AM
Saturday, August 17
11:30 AM
Saturday, September 07
11:30 AM
Saturday, September 21
11:30 AM
Saturday, October 05
11:30 AM
Saturday, October 19
11:30 AM
Saturday, November 16
11:30 AM
Saturday, December 07
11:30 AM

Dates subject to change
Additional dates could be added

9:30am - Registration closes
11:00am - Pool is available for warm ups
11:30am - Meet begins (Meets should be over by 1:30pm)

Entry fee - $10
Non-Member entry fee - $15
Event fee - $6 (charged for each event entered)


  • Registration can only be completed online through our customer portal here.
  • Registrations after the Thursday before the event will incur a $5 late fee
  • Please keep record of the event numbers you register for. You can also log into your account to reference these. Events will be called in order of event numbers. *Please be sure your child is ready in their swim suits, and with their goggles on (if they're wearing goggles), before we reach their event number. This will help us run an efficient swim competition.
    • Races may start without a swimmer if they are not ready at the start time of the event. 
  • You do not need to call in to check in for the swim meet. Once you register online, you're set to go!


Additional Information

  • Street parking will not be allowed.
  • Ribbons will be awarded to ALL participants!
  • Order of events: 
    IM (Individual Medley) Events
    Butterfly Events
    Backstroke Events
    Breaststroke Events
    Freestyle Events
  • Diving off the blocks is optional. 
  • Disqualifications will be given at the discretion of the meet referee.
  • Refreshments will be available for purchase at the snack shop including hot dogs, cheeseburgers, snow cones, Dippin’ Dots, and a variety of other snacks and beverages.


  • Ribbons will be awarded to all swimmers who come in first, second, or third place in their event (not their heat).
  • Time Improvement ribbons will be awarded to all swimmers who have swum in a past meet and have achieved a personal best time.
  • Participant ribbons will be awarded to all swimmers who complete their event. (*If a swimmer earns a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place ribbon, that placement ribbon replaces their participant ribbon. They do not get both.)
  • Trophies will be awarded to swimmers who have reached 15, 30, 50, 75, 125, 200, 300, 450, 700, and 1,000 total ribbons.


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We would deeply appreciate your input on how we can better our swim competitions. Please take a few moments to complete our survey by clicking the link below. Thank you again for your feedback!

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