Adult Lap Swimming

Get Fit & Stay Fit With Daily Lap Swimming

Adult lap swimming provides a full-body workout that targets the core, arms, back, and legs. It also provides swimmers with access to various training methods including strength training, aerobic training, and low-impact training.

If you are looking to improve your workout routine, be sure to stop by a Waterworks Aquatics location to learn more about adult lap swimming. Swimmers will find that there are times throughout the week that will work with your schedule. 

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parent and able to swim 200 yards of the pool on their own. Lanes are limited during shared pool usage. No private swim instruction and/or coaching is permitted. No Lifeguard on duty. Lap swim reservations are completed online and only one person is allowed in each reserved lane. Corporate discounts may be available upon request.  

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