Junior Lifeguard Preparation

Pass the Junior Lifeguard Swim Test

Those interested in becoming a junior lifeguard will benefit from our Junior Lifeguard Preparation courses. These courses seek to improve a student’s mental and physical skills in the water by boosting their confidence and endurance.

Junior Lifeguard Preparation courses are taught by our qualified instructors, each of whom have a swimming background and experience teaching these courses. 

The courses are one hour in length and are held in the springtime. Each course will cover the skills necessary to pass the Junior Lifeguard test. 

Be sure to sign-up ahead of time to reserve your spot. We require students to be paid in full one day prior to the class date.  

We also ask that you bring in the list of requirements to pass the Junior Lifeguard test as the requirements vary by age group and program.

Course Requirements:

  • Participants must be ages 6-16.
  • Students must be a level 9 or higher OR able to swim freestyle 100 yards (4 lengths of the pool) without stopping. Please consult with our front office if you are unsure of your child's ability.


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