Aquatic Physical Therapy in Huntington Beach

Pool Therapy and Rehabilitation

The heated enclosed pool at Waterworks Aquatics Huntington Beach is set up to help patients recovering from a wide range of injuries and illnesses. Aquatic physical therapy has been proven effective for rehabilitation because the water exerts hydrostatic pressure on the body. That pressure increases circulation and reduces swelling which in turn reduces joint stiffness and increases mobility.

We partner with qualified, professional physical therapists to deliver a quality physical therapy program to their patients. Each patient receives hands on care and an individual treatment program designed with patients' goals in mind.

At our Huntington Beach location, Waterworks Aquatics currently outsources aqua physical therapy sessions through one independent contractor. The physical therapy company listed below rents pool space from Waterworks Aquatics and therefore should be contacted directly for more information or to set up an appointment.

Hands on Rehab
1601 Dove Street, Suite 242
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Phone: (949) 222-6444