Advanced Private Lessons

Sharpen Your Competitive Skills

Advanced private lessons are perfect for the competitive swimmer looking to sharpen their skills and get an edge on their competition. Highlands Ranch (HRA) coaches will work with each swimmer and family to customize their training to fit the student's needs.

Course Curriculum:
These private swim lessons will focus on body alignment, technique, tempo, race stategy, starts, and turns. They will utilize the latest training techniques and use video to analyze their strokes to hone in on the skills needed for peak performance.

The lessons are 20 minutes in length and will be private (1 Student: 1 Instructor). You have the option to also schedule 40 or 60 minute lessons. You may purchase as a single lesson or a lesson package. 40 - 60 minute sessions are recommended. We invite you to meet our highly qualified and experienced coaching staff below. 


Lesson times will vary based on the availability of the HRA coaches.



HRA Coaches


$58.86 for 1 Advanced Private Lesson (20 Minutes)

*Lessons are discounted if you purchase a larger lesson package*