Which Lesson is Best?

Our Lesson Types

Private Swim Lessons
Our private swim lessons provide one-on-one instruction for students ages three months through adult. Private swim lessons are the best option for accelerated learning. Each lesson will allow our instructors to build on the momentum and skills taught in the previous lesson with minimal downtime. From the basics of putting your face into the water to refining your stroke technique, private lessons will offer the highest rate of progress. 
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Semi-Private Swim Lessons
At Waterworks, our semi-private swim lessons offer students ages 2.5 to 13 the opportunity to interact with another student of a similar age and ability while still receiving personal attention. Whether you would like us to pair your child with another student of similar age and ability or would like to take lessons with a friend or sibling, our semi-private lessons are a cost effective option. Students also have the opportunity to observe one another in the lesson. 
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Parent & Me Lessons
Our Parent and Me swimming lessons (also known as “Mommy and Me” or “Daddy and Me” classes) gives parents the opportunity to be hands-on with their little one while our instructors facilitate the learning process between you and your child. These lessons provide a fun and relaxed environment for you and your child in the water. Children ages 3 months through 3 years of age can participate. However, we encourage children ages 2.5 and older to participate in private or semi-private swim lessons. 
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Stroke Clinic
Waterworks Stroke Clinics give students the opportunity to advance their swimming techniques while in a group setting. Our Stroke Clinic classes place emphasis on proper technique over speed and prepare students for swim team. 
Swimmers ages 5 and older who are level 8 or higher can benefit from participating in these 40 minute classes. A strong technical foundation will ensure that students’ progress much faster when the time comes for them to work on speed. Our stroke clinics are exciting and fast paced, where each student will receive a great workout.
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Adult Swim Lessons
It is never too late to learn how to swim! Whether you are looking to learn the basics or improve your technique to use swimming as a form of exercise, our trained instructors will tailor each lesson to fit your individual needs. At Waterworks, our adult lessons are geared for swimmers ages 13 and older. From beginners to advanced, our adult swimming lessons are a great option for those looking to conquer their fear of the water or who are looking to become stronger swimmers. 
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