Homeschool & Charter School P.E. Programs In Pasadena

Meeting Physical Education Requirements

Waterworks Aquatics provides homeschool & charter school P.E. programs in Pasadena that meet all necessary physical education requirements while incorporating plenty of fun in the lessons. This program focuses on teaching the skills needed to become safer in the water while learning proper stroke technique. 
We are currently working with the following schools:
Blue Ridge Academy
Excel Academy Charter School
Granite Mountain
Sage Oak Charter School
Sky Mountain Charter School
Suncoast Prep Academy
If you are interested in adding Waterworks Aquatics as a P.E. vendor for your school program, please submit a P.E. Vendor Request, including any necessary documents or links, and we will contact you shortly. Please email documents to 
Important: Please note that, even though parent or school teacher supervision is required for our swim programs, we do participate in Live Scan fingerprinting.