Frequently Asked Questions:
Parent and Me Lesson Program

What age can my child begin Parent and Me Lessons?

A: Your child can start parent and me lessons as early as 3 months old.  We offer a Parent & Me program that is geared for children ages 3 months to 3 years of age.  This program will take you and your child through 3 levels of instruction that will encourage independence and safety in the water.

Who can be in the water for my lesson?

A: One parent/guardian is permitted in the water for our parent and me classes.

How long is each parent and me swim lesson?

A: Our parent and me lessons are 20 minutes in length. In our experience, 20-minute lessons work best for children. If lessons are longer than 20 minutes, we run the risk of losing the child’s attention and not gaining the maximum benefit from each lesson. After you attend the first lesson, you will see that this length of time is right for your child.

How many students are in a parent and me class?

A: Our Beginner and Intermediate classes can have up to six students enrolled. Our advanced class will have up to three students.  Our pools are very spacious and allow us to maintain social distancing. 

Who is required to wear a mask in my parent and me lessons?

A: We require all adults to wear a face covering during their lesson.  Instructors will also be wearing a face mask.  Children are not required to wear a mask during the lesson, as they will be swimming. 

Will the instructor be hands-on with my child?

A: Due to health and safety concerns, instructors are currently limiting contact with students in parent and me lessons.  Your instructor will always wear a face mask in the water while teaching. If you would like to request a different approach, please feel free to speak with your instructor and they will do their best to accommodate your request.

What should I bring to my first swim lesson?

A: What ask that you bring the following items with you for each swim lesson:

  • Your swimsuit and your child's swimsuit. Note: Due to COVID-19, we ask that you arrive and leave in your swimsuit.
  • A towel(s)
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Two diapers (one reusable and one disposable). Note: We have a double diaper policy in place for the safety of all swimmers. All students under the age of 3 years, and any student who is not potty-trained, must wear two diapers. The outer diaper must be a tightly-fitted washable/reusable swim diaper that is approved by Waterworks Aquatics. We sell reusable swim diapers at the facility. The inner diaper can be a disposable swim diaper (e.g. Little Swimmers or Splashers).
  • Change of clothes. Waterworks provides showers that you will have the option to use after your lesson. NOTE: Due to COVID-19 we strongly discourage the use of our showers and changing rooms, however they are available for use if needed. 

What can I expect in my first class?

A: The goal of the parent and me program is to get your child safer in the water.  We will focus on getting your child comfortable going under, back floating, falling into the pool on their own and eventually rolling over onto their back to breathe.  Each level in the parent and me program will build upon these skillsets. Your instructor will tailor each activity to the comfort level of you and your child.

How many times per week should my child attend lessons?

A: The more classes your child can attend per week, the faster he or she will learn. Therefore, we recommend at least two lessons per week. During the time between swim classes a child can forget a lot of what they have learned, which is why we recommend multiple times per week. Children attending lessons twice or more per week will experience an exponential increase in their rate of progress.

What level should I start at?

A: We ask that everyone begins at a beginner level to help you and your child become familiar with our curriculum.  Your instructor will let you know when your child is ready to move on to the next level.

When do your sessions start and how long do the sessions run? How does scheduling work?

A: At Waterworks Aquatics, we do not have set sessions. You can start and stop lessons at any time. We offer parent and me lessons up to 7 days/week at select times throughout the day. We can even get you started the same day that you register!

Do you recommend goggles?

A: We do not recommend goggles in the parent and me program.  The focus is centered on water safety.  Children who can swim without goggles will be safer in an emergency where they would not have goggles on.