FAQs Sunnyvale

What services do you provide?

A: We offer swimming lessons to children ages 2.5 and older including adults at all of our Waterworks Swim School locations. Our Waterworks Swim School locations are independently owned and operated and are not in any way affiliated with LA Fitness and City Sports Club.

What makes your family swim school program unique?

A: We utilize a specialized muscle memory teaching technique that is unique to Waterworks Swim School. Our instructors will physically mimic the swimming strokes to ensure your child learns the correct technique right from the beginning. Students are encouraged to enjoy the water while they refine their swimming skills. We offer small class sizes (1:1 and 2:1) and our lessons are fast paced as we realize that our students are here to learn.

When do your sessions start and how long to they last?

A: At Waterworks Swim School, we do not have set sessions. Our swimming lessons are incredibly flexible, meaning you start lessons when you are ready and continue until you are ready to stop. We can even get you started the same day that you register!

How long is each lesson?

A: Our private, semi-private and adult lessons are all 20 minutes long. In our experience, 20-minute lessons work best for our students. If lessons are longer than 20 minutes, we would run the risk of losing the child’s attention and not gaining the maximum benefit from each lesson. After you watch the first lesson, you will see that this length of time is right for your child. If you feel more time is needed, we can schedule two lessons in a row to give your child 40 minutes of lesson time.

How many times per week should my child attend lessons?

A:  The more classes your child can attend per week, the faster he or she will learn.  This is why we recommend at least 2 lessons per week.  During the time between swim classes a child can forget a lot of what they have learned, which is why we recommend multiple times per week. Children attending lessons twice or more per week will experience an exponential increase in their rate of progress. 

Can I switch my schedule at any time?

A: Yes, you can. Our lesson packages are incredibly flexible. Meaning you can make changes to your schedule at any time! You are never committed to keep the same schedule and can change it whenever is needed for your convenience. The easiest way to do this is to log into our customer portal to make changes to your schedule. 

What age can my child start swim lessons?

A: Your child can start lessons when they are 2.5 years of age or older. We offer private, semi-private and adult lessons out of LA Fitness and City Sports Club. 

How long will it take my child to learn to swim?

A: Every child is different and there are many factors that contribute to learning to swim. Their beginning skill level, their age, the number of lessons per week, the type of lesson, and their past experiences will all play a part in how long it takes them to achieve their swimming goals. For maximum learning in minimum time, we recommend enrolling your student in Private lessons multiple times per week. The one-on-one attention and minimal downtime between classes will result in quicker skill development and progression.

What is your lesson cancellation guideline?

A: If you cancel your lesson at least 2 hours prior to your lesson time, you will be given a makeup lesson that can be scheduled any day and any time other than your regularly scheduled lesson time.

What is the temperature of your pool?

A: At Waterworks Swim School, the indoor pool is heated up to 84 degrees year round. If you wish, we sell thermal wetsuit tops that your child can wear to ensure they remain comfortable in the lesson. 

My child is under 3 years of age or is not potty trained.  What should they wear?

A: For your safety and the safety of others we have a double diaper policy, which is required to follow. All children under 3 years of age and children 3 years or older who are not potty trained must wear one disposable swim diaper and one reusable swim diaper.  This is the best way to prevent any unexpected accidents from impacting our swim lessons. Disposable swim diapers (e.g. Splashers or Little Swimmers) can be purchased at select retailers or online. You can purchase a reusable swim diaper (e.g. I-Play or Finis) at a Waterworks Aquatics location. They are also available online. 

NOTE: If you attend a Waterworks Swim School location out of LA Fitness or City Sports Club we do not have the option to purchase reusable diapers. You will need to purchase them online or at a select retailer.

What should I bring to my first swim lesson?

A: We recommend having your child dressed in their swimsuit upon arrival. Additionally, you can bring a towel, goggles, shampoo, conditioner, and a change of clothes. Waterworks Swim School locations offer a shower on the pool deck that you may use after your lesson.

I’m an adult and I don't know how to swim. Can you teach me?

A: Absolutely! At Waterworks, we consider adult lessons any person 13 years of age or older. We have a wealth of experience teaching adult students of varying ages and abilities. All of our adults have benefited greatly from our swimming lessons no matter if they are learning how to swim or are looking to use swimming as a form of exercise.  It is never too late to learn such an invaluable skill as swimming! 

Do you offer trial lessons?

A: We do not have trial lessons. However, we are extremely confident that you will love our swim lesson program. We do offer our Waterworks Promise; that if you are not 100% satisfied with your lessons, we promise we will make it right for you and your family.

Do you offer sibling discounts?

A:  You have the option to purchase a package of swim lessons, which offers discounted rates with the more lessons that you purchase. While we do not offer sibling discounts, if your children are taking the same lesson type, they are able to share the lesson package. Therefore, you could take advantage of the discounted rate by purchasing a larger lesson package. 

Do you offer refunds?

A: We want to ensure you have an exceptional and memorable experience with us. If you are unsatisfied with your first lesson and you are a first-time customer with us, you may request a full refund for your remaining lessons. Refunds will only be issued on the day of the first lesson of your very first lesson package. No refunds will be given after the first day of your very first lesson package. Note: This only applies to swim lesson packages.

Can I sign up in person?

A:  For our Waterworks Swim School locations out of LA Fitness and City Sports Clubs, you are unable to sign up in person as we do not have an office team member to assist you. However, you can register online on our customer portal here, or call one of our friendly Customer Experience Experts over the phone and they can get you set up with a schedule.

What is a makeup lesson?

A: A makeup lesson is awarded to your account for cancellations that are made at least 2 hours prior to the class start time.  It can be used any day or time outside of your regular class schedule.  We give makeup classes for cancellations so that you have the opportunity to take the class on another day instead of missing out on the lesson.

How do makeup swimming lessons work?

A: A makeup can be used anytime outside of your regular lesson time as long as you have 1 paid, scheduled, future lesson on your account. You can schedule makeup lessons up to 7 days in advance. (The majority of our cancellations occur 7 days or less leading up to the lesson, so it’s easier to find an available lesson time to make up with an instructor during this time.) If for some reason you need to cancel a scheduled makeup lesson, you can reschedule again, as long as you cancel your makeup lesson at least 2 hours prior to the lesson time on our customer portal.

Can I drop off my child for their lesson and come back to pick them up later?

A: Safety is important to us at Waterworks Aquatics. You are solely responsible for the supervision of your child and their safety at all times. We ask that you remain present for the duration of the swim lesson. 

Can I use the fitness club and its workout amenities since I’m a customer of Waterworks Swim School?

A: Unfortunately, you are not able to use the fitness club, which includes the use of the spa and sauna. Waterworks Swim School is not in any way affiliated with LA Fitness nor City Sports Club.

If I’m an LA Fitness or City Sports club member, can I use the gym and its amenities when my child is in a swim lesson?

A: We ask that you supervise your child before, during, and after their lesson. Safety is very important to us at Waterworks Swim School. The parent or legal guardian is solely responsible for the direct supervision of their children. 

Can we use the showers and/or the locker rooms to shower or change my child?

A: Locker rooms and showers are reserved for fitness club members only. For your convenience there is a shower located on the pool deck. We also provide pop up tents that act as changing areas at all of our Waterworks Swim School locations. If you are at a Waterworks Swim School location that does not have a shower on the pool deck, you have the option to use the showers in the locker rooms.

Am I allowed to watch my child’s lesson? Can I bring family with me to watch?

A: At this time, we ask that only one parent/guardian attends their child’s lesson (one parent per child). This is for safety reasons due to the pandemic. When it is safe to do so again, we will welcome and encourage you and your family to watch your child’s lesson. We want you to share in the experience with your child as we know this is a wonderful and lasting memory!